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A&B Homes, Inc. - 172 Grandview Ave. - Rt.6 PO Box 286 - Honesdale, PA  18431

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What is modular construction?

     Quite simply, modular construction is the building of a home in separate sections, weather protected, in the controlled environment of a factory.  While your home is being built, we arrange for the site work to be completed as much as possible.  This means the excavation, foundation and sometimes even the well and septic are mostly completed before the home is delivered.  All this saves in the overall completion time of your new modular home.

     Cost over-runs are reduced and usually are totally eliminated, once the order for the home is completed and in contract form.  By building a modular home with us, prices are set and in writing to you at the time your contract is written.  Our manufacturer purchases items in such large quantities, that the prices are set before your home is even built.  We firmly believe a job with no hidden costs and no suprises goes much smoother and efficiently.


Our services include:


  • FREE building site inspection, this can cost as much as  $100-175 with some dealers, we provide this as a free service, knowing it is an essential part of the job 
  • FREE design service for your new modular home
  • FREE building permit application completion
  • Excavation of the foundation
  • Erection of the foundation - 10" steel reinforced, poured concrete walls with concrete floor and footings
  • Delivery and installation of your new modular home
  • FREE Bulldozer Service to move home in position for installation on the foundation, this is an additional hidden charge with some dealers 
  • Electric and Plumbing Connections
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Decks, porches and garages built to your requirements

Contact us, we'll be happy to discuss your new modular home.

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Our sales center is located on Rt.6 east of the town of Honesdale, PA  (172 Grandview Ave.) - between the town and the shopping centers.

Our regular hours: Monday - Friday 9AM to 4PM and Saturday 9AM to 3PM
January 1st thru March 31st - Closed on Wednesday
Contact us for holiday hours - 570-253-1481