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     Contrary to what you may think, all modular homes are not installed the same way.  With 40 years of experience, A&B Homes, Inc. is known for exceptional installations, set-up and a tighter fit on our marriage walls.  In addition, we install insulation on the perimeter of all our marriage walls.  Most dealers, don't take the time to insulate the marriage wall perimeter or draw their homes tightly together.  Heating costs are a great concern to everyone.  A tight fit on the marriage wall can save you thousands on heating and cooling costs over the life of your home.  We also install hurricane straps attaching the attic knee wall and strap the entire house to the foundation securing the house and roof to meet or exceed 90/100 mph wind shear.  

     We put our houses together using from 40-60,000 pounds of pressure to get your house as tight as possible using a method that we developed years ago.  This method does such a superior job, we continue to use it today.  This gives our customers the best possible job in the joining of their home.  Most dealers use an average of 2-4,000 pounds to put their houses together.  Some don't even bother to pull them together at all.  This leaves a gap or space between the sections of their homes 5/8" to over an inch and sometimes even more, which leaves the homeowner with a pathetic job.  You will never feel a gap or space on the floors of our homes, you won't feel cold air coming down from the attic in the winter or heat from the attic in the summer on the marriage wall.  These things do occur on modular homes if the home isn't tight or insulated properly on the perimeter of the marriage wall.

     This is our marriage wall below.  You can see there is no space, the marriage wall is strapped before finishing it, and with the insulation on the marriage wall ... no possibility of air coming through. 
click to enlarge


The two pictures left were NOT taken of one of our homes.
The white lines down the center of the pictures are the marriage
walls.  The pictures are taken inside looking out and clearly you
can see the first one has over an inch of space on the marriage
wall and the one below it has a space slightly under an inch. 
Both of these homes were set and not pulled any tighter and
neither home has insulation installed on the marriage wall. 
This marriage wall will be cold and drafty and cost hundreds,
if not thousands, over the life of the home.  This is not the way
you want your new modular home set and finished.  

A&B Homes, Inc. takes pride in the set-up and installation of our homes. 
Like all our homeowners, you deserve the best possible job, the most
trouble free job and the most durable job that is possible.  This will be
your home for many years to come.  Why not ask for the best.  Do the
research.  Check your builder, check their sets ... If there is a space at
the marriage wall and no insulation installed on the marriage wall before
it's set...

                   You Don't Want It!