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     When purchasing a new home, it's always wise to research your builder.  Of course you want to know about their past customer's opinion of the job done, but it is also wise to check with the local financing sources, banks, attorneys, local business contacts, etc. to get the best picture.



Here's what they're saying about A&B Homes ...

... "I am proud that we are fortunate in having quality businesses like yours in our community.  The projects we have worked on together this year have been completed without any difficulty.  We appreciate doing business with you and look forward to working on future projects together."  (Michael E. Rollison, Vice President, Honesdale National Bank)

... "As a lender, I appreciate the friendly and professional manner in which you do business; this helps me to better serve the needs of our customers.  I also know that our Loan Servicing Department has not experienced any problems regarding construction payouts... I look forward to doing additional business with you in the future."  (Vincent W. Martone, Branch Mgr., Citizens Savings Bank)

"It is always deeply gratifying for us as a lender, to participate in the successful conclusion of a construction loan.  It all begins with the customer's plans and continues as they move into their dream house.  A&B Homes makes the transition for all of us involved so predictably positive..."  (William E. Murray, Wayne Bank)

"Everything is good with the house, you should stop in sometime when you are in the area.  We were very satisfied working with your company.  We ran into a few snags and you folks were very accommodating.  In fact you went the extra mile to help us get our home set before the snow set in.  You were very easy to work with and would recommend you to anyone interested in a home.... Thank you for everything."  (Lee & Nancy Bates)

"We wanted to work with a local builder to construct our home.  Throughout the planning, designing and construction phases we always dealt with Tony & Rosann, the owners of the business.  We were very pleased with the attention given to us.  We would recommend A&B Homes whole-heartedly."  (Pete & Maureen Casazza)

"We love our A&B Home.  It is everything we wanted and more.  And the best part for us, was that we didn't have to get our own contractors for the porch, deck, garage, etc.  A&B arranged the contractors and we were satisfied with all of them.  We were also impressed with the clean up at the construction site and the house itself almost on a daily basis."   
(Don & Marlene Smith)

"We are very well pleased with our A&B Home.  We looked at many other brands and decided A&B had the best quality - most of all was the help and caring for everything to be just as we wanted.  Tony and Rosann go out of their way to please their customers."  (Fran & Sara Jane Tiel)

"It's now going to be 3 years since we purchased our A&B log home - we are very satisfied.  There have been a few minor problems, but as promised, very shortly after reporting them, they were promptly taken care of - Just can't find anything to complain about - it's been a real pleasure working with Rosann & Tony - the promise they make is a promise that will be kept."  (Virginia & Jack Haas)

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job your organization did in constructing our home.  From the beginning, you were both very helpful in giving us exactly what we were looking for ... We appreciate the house being constructed in a timely manner, even though we were hit with Hurricane Isabelle, you still managed to get it completed within a reasonable time.  We have gotten many compliments on how beautiful our home is, both on the inside and outside.   We are very much enjoying the time we spend in our new home.  Thank you for all of your hard work."  (Joe & Linda Gabler)

"We have nothing but praise for the efficiency of A&B Homes in delivering, assembling and finishing off our home purchased from them.  All of the dates given us for delivery, work etc. were met without delays & we found great satisfaction knowing that the owner did most of the work himself & took pride in his work.  Thanks again for a job well done!!"  (Nancy, Bob and Mark Lauerson)

"A&B Homes completed the work on a modular home from demolition of an old structure, digging & erecting a new foundation, setting the new home in place and completing all other necessary work.  They were friendly and cooperative at every stage of the contract.  They gladly returned to repair any little repairs needed as they were discovered."  (Marco and Barbara Lacatena)

"A&B Homes treated us more like friends than customers, and we would highly recommend them to anyone.  Wonderful people, conscientious, trustworthy, always willing to help, even after the house is completed."  (Ken & Joan Halbach)

"Thank you! ... The house turned out much nicer than I imagined it would.  You payed such close attention to our wishes right down to saving my trees.  ...Thank You! Thank You!!  We wouldn't hesitate to tell others about you..."  (Warren & Diane Marine)


"...Thanks for all you did on our house after our fire.  Your follow up after the sale is second to none.  We appreciate all you have done for us."   (Mike & Ilene Goodenough)


"Thank you for everything!  We love our house.  Stop by and visit us sometime."  (Sue & Corey Hansen)


"...In July, it will be 5 years in our A&B Home.  We love it as much now as we did that first day we saw the model.  It was wonderful for us during the stressful time of moving & packing to work with friendly, gracious people like the three of you.  I know you worked hard to bring it all together in a timely fashion.  We appreciate that so much.  We were awed that you were able to make our late request for a ramp in the front, that for being done in one day and is still sturdy as a rock, is amazing to us.  ...Bill and I wish you continued success in this topsy turvy economic trial we are going through.  I am sure you will do just fine."  (Marge & Bill Connelly)


"Please accept this long overdue thanks with our gratitude.  We can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance.  We love our log house.  Thanks for making it a pleasure!"  (Walter Lipien and Marianne Schepanich)


"Thank you all for making my year a very pleasant experience.  I never thought when I stopped to see the model on your lot my life could change so much.  I love the house and am looking forward to landscaping in the spring.  Your staff is very efficient and dedicated to their work.  They work well together.  Continued business success in the future.  Stop in anytime."  (Ann Harding)



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